Aviz Welcomes David Maltz To Its Technical Advisory Board

December 9, 2022
Ben Bronson
Aviz Welcomes David Maltz To Its Technical Advisory Board

Aviz has rapidly grown to a team of 40+ experts dispersed globally, helping enterprises deploy and manage Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) in their network infrastructure. We are truly humbled to have Dave Maltz, a founder of SONiC, join our team as a technical advisor. With Dave joining our Technical Advisory Board, our expertise will increase exponentially, increasing the depth and breadth of the best SONiC support options available to the enterprise.

"I’m very pleased to be joining the Aviz Technical Advisory Board, which is helping network operators from many industries gain the benefits of adopting SONiC."

We are serving enterprise customers across multiple verticals such as e-commerce, banking, trading, telecom, and data center providers with our SONiC Supportability Stack. The kind of traction we are seeing in Open Networking adoption with SONiC is very encouraging, as we believe that Hyperscalers have paved the way for a truly Open Networking ecosystem that has been long overdue. Enterprises from across the globe (AMER, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM) are replicating Hyperscalers’s success with SONiC at a pace not seen before in the industry.

“It is both a matter of honor and pride for Aviz to have Dave on our Technical Advisory Board. Dave’s guidance and direction for our team will be instrumental in furthering our vision for enabling global enterprises to deploy and operate SONiC like hyperscalers, while enabling Choices, Control, and Cost Savings. Welcome, Dave!”

Since the beginning, our focus has been on promoting SONiC and building disruptive technologies on top of it that will disaggregate networking and pave the way for Networking 3.0. We have partnered with nearly every major ASIC and Switch vendor, with tight SLAs in place to ensure optimum enterprise support available for customers.

"We are being contacted by network operators in every corner of the world, in a massive global movement towards SONiC. We feel blessed to have Dave on our Advisory Board, and help us spread his SONiC knowledge to the entire world. Welcome, Dave!"

Aviz has built an incredible team of engineers with expertise in ASICs, Switches, Network Operating Systems, Cloud, and AI. In a short span, we have delivered ONES (Open Networking Enterprise Suite), FTAS (Feature Test Automation Suite), and OPB (Open Packet Broker), all built for or on SONiC to further our mission. We are adding more and more Open Networking experts to our team to rapidly deliver a roadmap that is built on the demand from SONiC users.

"It is extremely difficult to deploy an open-source software across a wide range of hardware and make it work smoothly across all its use cases. Dave’s vision with SONiC has come to reality in a very short timeframe. I am truly humbled to have Dave on our Technical Advisory Board. It expands our confidence to deliver on all of SONiC’s potential by orders of magnitude. Welcome, Dave!"