June 20, 2023
Ben Bronson

Aviz Welcomes George Tchaparian To Its Technical Advisory Board

Aviz is excited to share that George Tchaparian, CEO at Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation, has joined our Technical Advisory Board. Tchaparian is a trusted technology executive with more than 30 years of industry experience and countless accomplishments in open networking to his credit. His expertise in collaboration and open innovation, on the commercial side, are key to continuing to make Aviz the trusted partner in the SONiC ecosystem and ensuring we earn a central role in the evolution of open networking through exceptional efforts and outputs. Tchaparian’s guidance will grow the vision and capabilities of Aviz to reach new heights in next generation networking.

"I am honored and humbled to join the Aviz Technical Advisory Board (TAB). Vishal and the Aviz team have done a remarkable job of helping accelerate the adoption and deployment of SONiC and propel the momentum of Open Networking with Open Source SW and HW. I am a firm believer and an advocate in the Open Disaggregated Solutions and Open Networking Vision. Joining the Aviz TAB will allow me to further that vision with Aviz's talented team and work alongside the Aviz TAB industry leaders, to push new capabilities in AI, Cloud - Far, Mid, Near - Edge, for Access, Enterprise and Data Center, through industry collaboration with more accelerated impact and innovation of Open Source in the IT Ecosystem."  - George Tchaparian, CEO at Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)

Aviz is the trusted partner of choice for SONiC enablement for the enterprise, who is looking to replicate what hyper-scalers have done, and benefit from the open-source NOS in terms of hardware choices, cost savings, and control they can exert on their network when compared to proprietary stacks. Aviz ONES, a key pillar of our multi-vendor SONiC stack, brings new capabilities for enterprises on top of the NOS for orchestration and visibility to utilize information and automation across their entire fabric.

“Look at the epicenter of the open source networking movement and so many of the major advancements in open hardware and software developments and you’ll see George there. His impact in the industry continues to be incredible and it’s an honor to have him on board to help us increase the value of our solutions for customers, trustworthiness for partners, and contributions to the SONiC community. George is a catalyst for positive change, but he’s also a source of outstanding credibility from his accomplishments and community leadership. We’re incredibly happy to have him on the team and to gain his experience and expertise to become an even greater contributor to the entire open networking ecosystem. Welcome, George!” – Vishal Shukla, CEO, Aviz Networks