Aviz Welcomes Justin Dustzadeh to Its Technical Advisory Board

May 2, 2023
Ben Bronson
Aviz Welcomes Justin Dustzadeh to Its Technical Advisory Board

Aviz Networks is excited to announce that Justin Dustzadeh, Chief Technology Officer at Equinix, has joined our Technical Advisory Board. Dustzadeh is an industry-recognized thought leader in software-defined, cloud-native infrastructure with a strong track record in driving innovations and leveraging disruptive technologies to deliver sustained business impact. His hands-on expertise in building, managing, and scaling modern software platforms and global networks, and continuously trailblazing new technologies, makes him one of the top voices in the industry. Dustzadeh's position on the Aviz Technical Advisory Board will help shape a new innovation-focused technology roadmap for Aviz Networks' existing and future offerings. Dustzadeh's technical depth and vision make him a great addition to the team and will act as a catalyst to drive the scale, performance and reliability of Aviz’s products to new heights.

“It is exciting to join the Aviz Technical Advisory Board to help accelerate the industry adoption of open networking, and in particular, SONiC-based solutions that will push the boundaries of open-source networking capabilities. Aviz is well positioned to advance the vision of a new era of networking, based on open-source, cloud-native and AI technologies, and driven by developer communities. I look forward to advising  Aviz on delivering innovative capabilities that will  best serve both the builders and users of the network as well as the broader ecosystems.”  - Justin Dustzadeh, CTO, Equinix.

Aviz is the partner of choice for SONiC enablement for the enterprise, who is looking to replicate what hyper-scalers have done, and benefit from the open-source NOS in terms of hardware choices, cost savings, and control they can exert on their network when compared to proprietary stacks. Aviz ONES, a key pillar of our multi-vendor SONiC stack, brings new capabilities for enterprises on top of the NOS for orchestration and visibility to utilize information and automation across their entire fabric.

“Justin’s expertise in large scale networks and technological transformation will multiply our team’s ever growing expertise in open source networking and increase our focus on delivering excellent solutions and support to our customers. We’re thrilled to have him on the team and to gain his vision and insights to better our performance and fulfillment of our mission. Welcome, Justin!” – Vishal Shukla, CEO, Aviz Networks