ONES: Bridging the Gap Between SONiC and Prometheus for Enhanced Network Efficiency

November 3, 2023
Sutharsan S and Kasinath Rajendran
Enhancing Network Efficiency: Bridging SONiC and Prometheus with ONES

How does Aviz Network’s ONES enhance network visibility in data center networks?

Aviz: Network orchestration, visibility, and assurance apps. SLA-backed support for multi-vendor SONiC deployments in data center and edge networks

Aviz Network’s ONES (Open Networking Enterprise Suite) is a robust solution that affords an extensive and profound level of insight into data center networks. This comprehensive suite not only enhances network visibility but also augments analytical capabilities, encompassing critical functionalities such as capacity planning. ONES excels in providing deep visibility into data center networks, offering insights into network traffic, device performance, and other critical metrics. This level of visibility allows organizations to proactively address network issues, make informed decisions, and ensure optimal performance.

Critical Functionality offered by ONES

  • Deep Visibility: Collects telemetry metrics from SONiC switches in real-time, providing operators with a deep understanding of their fabric health and performance.
  • Comprehensive Support: Provides support for Community SONiC and vendor-specific distributions, as well as other vendor NOS such as NVIDIA Cumulus Linux and Arista EOS.
  • Discovery and Deployment: Automatically discovers new SONiC switches and adds them to the fabric. ONES provides ZTP, single-click upgrades, and management functions.
  • Monitoring and Visualization: Offers a variety of visualization tools that make it easy to understand and analyze the collected data.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Helps enterprises reduce operational costs by automating tasks such as fabric provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Security and Compliance: Provides a variety of security features such as role-based access control, LDAP authentication, config comparison, etc


Prometheus: acclaimed open-source monitoring system, scalable, adaptable, user-friendly.

Prometheus, a widely acclaimed open-source monitoring system, is renowned for its scalability, adaptability, and user-friendly nature. It serves as a versatile solution for monitoring network-related metrics including network traffic and device performance. Through seamless integration with various complementary tools and components such as exporters and alerting systems, Prometheus extends its capabilities to offer a holistic and robust solution for effective network monitoring and expedited troubleshooting of network-related challenges.

What are the key advantages of using Prometheus for network monitoring?

  • Open-Source: It is free to use and modify. Further, there is a large and active community of users and developers who can provide support.
  • Performance: Prometheus efficiently collects and stores metrics data without performance impact.
  • Reliability: It supports highly reliable design enabling better reliability.
  • Scalability: This monitoring system can be deployed on a single or multiple servers to handle a large pool of metrics.
  • Flexibility: It can be used to monitor a wide variety of systems and applications. Also, it supports a variety of metrics.
  • Ease of Use: Prometheus has a simple and intuitive user interface.

How can the integration of ONES with Prometheus enhance network data collection efficiency?

While Prometheus offers numerous advantages and has gained widespread adoption, it comes with its own set of challenges. The process of collecting network data and integrating it with Prometheus can present varying levels of complexity, contingent upon the intricacies of your unique network environment and specific requirements. Proficiency in network technologies, coupled with a deep understanding of Prometheus and its associated tools, is indispensable for streamlining this undertaking. Furthermore, the availability of exporters plays a pivotal role in facilitating the efficiency of data collection efforts.

ONES serves as an invaluable data ingestion intermediary for Prometheus, alleviating the arduous task of gathering crucial information from SONiC. It meticulously collects, refines, and presents this data to Prometheus—allowing operators the opportunity to harness the combined advantages of both systems. Furthermore, this harmonious integration facilitates an ecosystem built upon Prometheus. It fosters a seamless pathway for ONES and SONiC migration and adoption, thus enhancing overall operational efficiency.

What are the benefits of seamlessly integrating ONES with Prometheus?

The integration of ONES with Prometheus is characterized by its straightforwardness and efficiency. In this model, ONES is configured to routinely retrieve data from SONiC and other devices within the data center environment. ONES, as mentioned above, supports a highly scalable, modular, and distributed architecture that collects crucial data from network elements. The extracted critical data is then seamlessly pushed into Prometheus at predefined intervals. This streamlined process not only provides exceptional ease of use but also seamlessly integrates within the broader data center ecosystem. The integration scripts facilitating this process are readily available within the Aviz repository.

What specific metrics can ONES collect and provide to Prometheus for network monitoring?

Let's delve into a few specific use cases and snapshots that demonstrate ONES’ integration with Prometheus. Please note that while these examples provide valuable insights, they do not encompass the entirety of the metrics supported by ONES.

CPU and Memory Utilization 

CPU utilization denotes the proportion of time the CPU is actively engaged in task processing, while memory utilization signifies the portion of available memory allocated to running programs and processes. Both CPU and memory utilization stand as critical metrics for monitoring device performance.

CPU utilization: measure of CPU activity during task processing
Figure 1: CPU utilization metrics
Memory utilization: allocated portion of available memory for running programs and processes
Figure 2: Memory utilization metrics

PSU and FAN Information

Monitoring PSU (Power Supply Unit) and FAN metrics are essential for ensuring the reliability and availability of network infrastructure as they help detect potential hardware failures and environmental issues that could disrupt network operations.

Monitoring PSU is crucial for network reliability. It detects hardware failures and environmental issues, ensuring uninterrupted network operations.
Figure 3: PSU metrics
 Monitor FAN metrics to ensure network reliability & availability. Detect potential hardware failures & environmental issues.
Figure 4: FAN metrics

Real-Time Packet Traffic Monitoring

Real-time packet information monitoring in network devices provides benefits such as rapid detection of network anomalies, quick response to security threats, optimized network performance, and enhanced troubleshooting capabilities. Accurate device count enhances resource allocation, simplifies management, aids proactive issue identification, and streamlines troubleshooting and performance optimization.

Packet In/Out metrics graph
Figure 5: Packet In/Out metrics
Total number of devices
Figure 6: Total count of devices

The seamless integration of ONES with Prometheus offers a powerful solution for monitoring and managing network performance within data center environments. Through the examination of key use cases and snapshots, we have glimpsed the effectiveness of this integration in action. This duo provides a robust ecosystem that not only simplifies monitoring but also enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of network operations. As technology continues to advance, this integration remains at the forefront of modern network management, poised to meet the evolving needs of data centers and network operators. Most importantly, this integration can be seamlessly implemented within your existing ecosystem supporting Prometheus.

How does ONES enhance the management of the multi-vendor SONiC ecosystem?

SONiC (Software for Open Networking in Cloud) is an open-source network operating system that supports deployment on a variety of hardware platforms. This provides many advantages including unified management, enabling ease of hybrid networks, and high performance. ONES solution offers an excellent option to manage the multi-vendor SONiC ecosystem—providing unified orchestration, deeper visibility, analytics, and forecast. Integrating with tools such as Prometheus adds value as well as ease of integration into existing ecosystems. This also allows ONES to plug into the existing tools, allowing easier SONiC adoption and migration.

Unleash the power of Aviz Network's ONES and Prometheus fusion, transforming network management. Elevate visibility and streamline operations for admins, DevOps, and enthusiasts. Explore ONES today and delve into a new era of insights and efficiency!

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