The SONiC Community

A rapidly growing community of open-source developers and SONiC customers is changing the way hyperscalers, large enterprises, and service providers run their networks. Find SONiC related resources for you to explore and learn here.

The SONiC Community includes cloud providers, service providers, component suppliers, as well as networking hardware OEMs and ODMs. The community boasts over 850 members, and is growing rapidly as SONiC is becoming the mainstream NOS for Data Center and Edge networks.

As an avid contributor and the only neutral vendor in the SONiC community, Aviz has been appointed as the Community Moderator to lead the SONiC Community Charter.


The SONiC Test Sub-Project is an open-source test case program for SONiC OS that resides with the OCP. This group discusses, develops and provides SONiC test cases peer reviewed within the SONiC project community.

In addition, this Sub-Project also covers hardware appliances for testing SONiC on switch hardware in production networks. Test cases are published on Github and it is left to the hardware suppliers to execute them and publish the results.



As the SONiC Community moderator, Aviz Networks (in partnership with Keysight Technologies) identified the need for a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) to help evaluate the maturity of SONiC features on different hardware platforms from a customer’s perspective.

The SONiC CAB was established in January 2021, with participation from CTC, LINE, Yahoo! Japan, WWT, Meituan, Apresia Systems, DMM.com, Zhejiang Lab, UCloud, Internet Initiative Japan, Macnica, Nissho Electronics, and LinkedIn. This has been a significant step in the direction of identifying real world use cases that will help SONiC mature even faster.

How Aviz Contributes to the SONiC Community

As Moderator
  • Conduct workgroup meetings
  • Discuss release plans
  • Share meeting minutes
As Contributor
  • Conduct design reviews
  • Contribute code
  • File and fix bugs