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Join us on our transformative mission. Make a global impact as we revolutionize networking for leading data centers, retailers, and telecom operators. Embrace the open-source revolution and shape the future of the industry.

We Practice What We Preach



Putting customers first, we prioritize their needs, deliver exceptional experiences, and build strong, long-lasting relationships to create value and ensure their success.



We focus on delivering tangible results and meaningful impact. We set clear goals, measure success, and drive toward achieving measurable outcomes for our customers and stakeholders.


Shared Innovation

We foster a collaborative environment where ideas are exchanged, partnerships are nurtured, and together we create groundbreaking solutions that drive progress and transformation..

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Simply Because Avizian's Deserve The Best


Health, Dental, & Vision

We are committed to offering the best benefits for Avizians. Aviz pays 100% of the monthly premiums for employees and eligible dependents.


Life Insurance

We believe that all life is equally precious and the welfare of our team is top priority. Every Avizian get the same life insurance regardless of position and pay.


FSAs, HSAs, & 401(k)

We offer flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and 401(k) plan allowing Avizians to set aside pre-tax income up to the IRS limits.


Referral Program

We're always looking for talent! If a referral is hired full-time, the referring Avizian gets a bonus once the new-hire has completed 3 months with us.

// Testimonial

Simply Because Avizian's Deserve The Best

"At Aviz the most wonderful thing is the transparency and the integrity of the founding team. The culture flows from top to bottom. At every level, you get honest feedback about your work and opportunities to improve your skill level. All good efforts are duly recognized and rewarded. Being a small team it feels like an extended family. The colleagues are fun to work with. The company is working on many innovative projects. Most important - everyone has a good work-life balance."

Naresh Kumar

Director, Engineering

"When you see a problem, find the fix and finish it and keep customer experience THE top priority… this is the attitude of the engineers I am working with, and that’s what motivates me to keep going at Aviz."

Krupakar Annam

Sr. Technical Program Manager

“I'm proud to be a part of the hard-working team redefining data center networking. The no-barriers working environment help you always get help and support whenever you need to finish your projects. Try, fail, learn, and succeed, then repeat is what we are doing every day in Aviz.”

Phil Le

Member, Technical Staff

“At Aviz, we get the opportunity to explore every aspect of a project. We get to know the end-to-end implementation. You are challenged every day and your solutions, PoCs, and feedback are acknowledged and incorporated into products.”

Tarun Polanki

Member, Technical Staff

“Aviz is bundled with brains from multiple giants of the networking domain. Being part of Aviz will not only help you to improve your skills but also make you a great engineer. Happy to be an Avizian.”

Rajasekaran S

Member, Technical Staff

"Aviz made me achieve things that I have never imagined I could. In my initial days, Naresh and Chid helped me to gain insight into various technologies and push my boundaries. I am forever grateful to them and our organization."

Uttej Mochi

Member, Technical Staff

"I am very honored to be part of this disruptive, unique, and open-source software enterprise. I have worked with some of the leading tech companies globally, but this is cool."

Ravi Kumar

Member, Technical Staff

"Teamwork is the strength of any startup. At Aviz we ensure that the team is strong and works well, by being there for each other and appreciating the efforts of each other at all times."

Kuldip Patel

Member, Technical Staff

"At Aviz, we are surrounded by engineers who share the same mission, vision, and values. Every team member inspires each other and delivers their best. Everyone gets ownership and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies. Proud to be part of this great team."

Kasinath Rajendran

Member, Technical Staff