Aviz Networks Online Boot Camp for SONiC

Learn how to maximize success with SONiC - the Linux of networking

Mode: Online
October 26th, 2023
9.00 am - 12.00 pm PT
Madhu Paluru, Director of Engineering

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Learn the 3 critical steps of SONiC NOS deployments and how to maximize your system's success

SONiC, stands for Software for Open Networking in the Cloud, is a leading open-source network operating system designed to provide agility, scalability, and flexibility to modern data centers. This innovative platform has become extremely popular in recent years because it can change the way you think about networking and cloud infrastructure.

SONiC represents a significant departure from traditional networking models, which are often characterized by vendor lock-in, limited customization, and high operational costs. Instead, SONiC empowers organizations to take full control of their network infrastructure by offering an open, modular, and highly programmable platform.

This virtual bootcamp will provide you with knowledge on the fundamental principles, features, and benefits of SONiC ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize its full potential. Whether you're a network administrator, network operator, network or cloud architect or a software engineer, you will gain valuable insights into how SONiC can help you build more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable data center networks through this bootcamp.

What you will learn

1. Pre-deployment readiness of SONiC

  • Introduction to SONiC: We'll start by providing a comprehensive overview of  SONiC, explaining its origins,  architecture, and key components.
  • SONiC Features: Explore features like BGP, OSPF  and VxLAN etc.
  • Benefits of SONiC: Discover the advantages of  adopting SONiC in your data center, including enhanced  flexibility,  vendor neutrality,and improved network automation.

2. Deployment readiness of SONiC

  • SONiC Build & Installations: Learn how to set up and deploy SONiC in your environment, from hardware requirements  to installation procedures.
  • SONiC Configurations: Hands on exercises to configure switches, interfaces Vlans etc.
  • Network Orchestration: Leverage automation tools to streamline network management
  • Networking Services: Dive into the networking services offered by SONiC, including routing, switching, and various layer 2 and layer 3 protocols.

3. Post Deployment Support

  • Monitoring and Management: Understand how to effectively monitor and manage your SONiC-based network ensuring optimal  performance and security.
  • Troubleshooting: Tips & tricks to diagnosing and fixing the issues.
  • Use Cases: Explore real-world use cases and success stories of organizations that have leveraged SONiC to revolutionize their networking  capabilities.

By the end of this bootcamp, you will have gained the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to embark on your own SONiC journey and transform your data center network into a more agile, efficient, and scalable infrastructure. Let's begin an exciting journey into the world of SONiC, where the future of open networking in the cloud awaits!

Who should attend:

  • Network Operators
  • System Integrators
  • Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Network Engineers


Madhu Paluru, Director of Engineering, Aviz networks

Madhu Paluru, Director of Engineering, Aviz Networks

Madhu is a technology leader for Network 3.0 and beyond. He uses open networking as a platform to develop applications for enterprises and large networks. He is a moderator for the SONiC community and works with SONiC customers and developers on a daily basis. He provides a scalable pre- and post-deployment software stack with a deep understanding of customers' needs for enhancements. With decades of experience in the field, he has trained over 100 engineers across the ecosystem to create more SONiC professionals and help companies around the world get the most out of the technology.