Accelerating SONiC for Private and Edge Clouds: Aviz and Cisco Partner for Coordinated Support

By Vishal Shukla, Co-Founder, CEO
Aviz partner with Cisco
Since its 2016 introduction, SONiC has reshaped open networking. Initially adopted by the largest hyperscaler networks, in the past few years SONiC has added the features needed to support any and all the networks. Accelerating functionality is driving adoption of SONiC networking and the market is surging (per market analyst 650 Group).

Private and edge cloud networks require a common network operating system and community. SONiC has played a pivotal role in making this possible. In addition, delivering a high-quality, ready to deploy, SONiC solution requires a thriving community of committed ecosystem players working cohesively. Aviz, a SONiC leader, works very closely with the entire ecosystem to bring high-quality community SONiC solutions to customers for their entire network.

Today, Kevin Wollenweber (SVP/GM, Cisco Networking Data Center and Provider Connectivity) and I are thrilled to announce a partnership between Cisco and Aviz. This exciting collaboration is a pivotal moment for the SONiC market ensuring that all prospective customers can be confident of robust network deployments. This marks a milestone in making SONiC a mainstream network operating system (NOS). Our partnership provides a complete SONiC offering, enabling a high-quality experience for customers.

Cisco and Aviz are committed to simplifying the cloud journey for our customers. By combining the capability of industry-leading Cisco 8000 Series routers and an open, community-based SONiC distribution with Aviz’s professional SONiC support, we are providing flexible open networking solutions and services across data center use cases of all shapes and sizes. said Kevin Wollenweber, SVP/GM, Cisco Networking Data Center and Provider Connectivity.

SONiC, has been a key piece of Cisco’s product strategy in recent years. Cisco and Aviz’s joint coordinated support offering will accelerate SONiC product deployments in private and edge clouds. Cisco’s 8000 series routers, which are listed in ONE Center, are now available with Aviz Networks’ SONiC support. We will work together to give customers the best SONiC experience on Silicon One ASIC based 8000 routers.

Aviz Networks’ support offering is designed for a broad range of customers and offers an end to end experience to accelerate SONiC deployments. Customers can consume this support during all stages of their SONiC journey: pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment.
Customers can now build private and edge cloud networks with market leading SONiC enabled switch products from Cisco and community leading SONiC products and services from Aviz. Talk to us today on how you can start with Cisco 8000 routers coupled with Aviz support.

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