Open Packet Broker (OPB)

The industry’s first packet broker that can be deployed on any white-box switch enables monitoring and security tools to access network packets at a fraction of the cost.

A SONiC powered, software-defined Network Packet Broker

Conventional Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) rely on proprietary appliances for aggregation and filtering of traffic captured via hardware TAPs, which comes with significant cost, complexity, and high-touch maintenance.

By leveraging modern programmable ASICs, our SONiC-based Packet Broker provides a highly scalable, flexible, and affordable solution to capture, aggregate, and analyze traffic and feed the data to any tool, including legacy FPGA appliances. Our virtualized aggregator can be deployed on any white-box ASIC, eliminating the dependency on proprietary appliances all together.

Open Packet Broker (OPB) enables you to easily scale up or down to meet the ever changing needs from network visibility and security tools, empowering you to manage demand with maximum efficiency.


Only Solution that can Support up to 400GbE Port Speed

Effective & Affordable
  • More than 50% CapEx Savings
  • Remote maintenance minimizes OpEx
  • Minimizes re-investment during refresh cycles
Hardware Agnostic & Scalable
  • Runs on commodity ASIC or existing hardware
  • GUI based controls for managing demand
  • Granular control for packet filtering at the source

Choose Based on Your Use Case

Enterprise Data Center
Enables aggregation and filtering of traffic and set egress policies while performing packet truncation.
Software Defined Data Center
Enables aggregation and filtering for VXLAN networks based on inner headers.

5G & Telco Networks
Enables variable parsing, aggregation and filtering for GTP use cases in 5G networks.

"We have always wanted better control of our infrastructure and obviously at lower cost. SONiC brings a modular architecture resulting in  innovation that cannot be imagined with proprietary NOS. We are thrilled to have championed Aviz's Open Packet Broker. It is going to save us millions."

Telecom Provider
VP, Network Infrastructure