All you need to know about ONES Enterprise Network Suite

Aviz's ONES: Your Essential Guide to Open Networking Enterprise Suite

Aviz Networks presents the Open Networking Enterprise Suite (ONES), a game-changing solution in network management. This white paper provides a comprehensive exploration of ONES, with a special focus on Data Center Network Orchestration & Visibility. Discover how ONES Orchestration streamlines Day 1 and Day 2 operations, ensuring a seamless transition to SONiC.

Uncover the power of ONES Monitoring, harnessing advanced telemetry techniques for real-time fault isolation. Additionally, the ONES API Explorer empowers operations teams with flexible access to REST APIs for custom scripting, transforming the landscape of DevOps operations.

This white paper addresses the following key areas:

  • ONES Network Supportability: Aviz Networks' ONES simplifies network management, offering comprehensive visibility, automation, and resource optimization.
  • Use Case: Data Center Network Orchestration & Visibility: Covers automated configuration, scaling, virtualization, and policy enforcement.
  • Advanced Network Telemetry and Visualization: Includes real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and compliance/reporting.
  • ONES Orchestration: Streamlines Day 1 network provisioning for a smooth transition to SONiC with GUI and REST API automation.

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