Unlocking Enhanced Visibility with
Open-Source Network Packet Broker

Unlock network visibility, cost savings & more with a one-stop open source solution

Network packet capture and analysis are critical components of every network architecture. Network visibility applications range from inferring insights into the type of traffic entering the network to detecting intrusions and analyzing internal load sharing behavior and performance.

Existing systems, such as cPacket and Gigamon, are widely sought after and deployed; nevertheless, they have the disadvantage of costly CAPEX and OPEX, scalability concerns, and often limited maintenance and assistance, owing to the nature of vendor lock in.

The “Cost-efficient Open Source Network Visibility Solution from Aviz Networks” is presented as a remedy to the above mentioned problems and limitations of the current commercial offerings. For thorough visibility and analysis, the suggested method makes use of affordable open-source technologies.

This paper talks about the solution which helped the customers in the following:

  • Build Cost Efficient Solution with Open Source
  • Comprehensive Visibility and Analysis
  • Distributed Framework for scaling and resilience
  • One-click installation makes deployment simple and easy.
  • Low-cost option that significantly reduces both CapEx and OpEx costs

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